High Quality Natural Cane Sugar For All Industries

Our superior quality, raw and healthier Demerara Cane Sugar is natural and ethically cultivated/harvested. The entire production of sugar is under the oversight of the Government of Guyana, specifically the Ministry of Agriculture. The production plant is ISO 9001 certified and our facility in Canada is CFIA and FDA registered with a Safe Food for Canadians license.

Cane Sugar is vital to many industries and we are able to custom supply all industries in a wholesale capacity.

Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage - Guyana Sugar

Sugar is an important component for nearly every food and beverage product on the market. Incorporating our natural cane sugar will enhance the taste and quality of your product and is a healthier alternative to traditional refined sweeteners.

Beauty & Cosmetics
Beauty & Cosmetics - Guyana Sugar

Sugar is used in cosmetics for its moisturizing and exfoliating properties. It is also used in face masks, body lotions and scrubs. Our cane sugar will significantly enhance your product.

Pharmaceutical & Health
Pharmaceutical & Health - Guyana Sugar

Sugar is commonly used as an ingredient in medication, both over the counter and prescription grade.

Industrial & Manufacturing
Industrial & Manufacturing - Guyana Sugar

Sugar is used in a vast variety of product manufacturing; enhance your product by incorporating our natural and healthier cane sugar.

Agriculture & Cannabis
Agriculture & Cannabis - Guyana Sugar

Sugar has many uses and a vital component in the Agricultural Industry and has been recently used in the cultivation of cannabis.



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